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About Ensuring Positive Futures 2009

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“Ensuring Positive Futures was set up to raise awareness of the issues surrounding HIV in the workplace. In the time the project was running we saw HIV included in the Disability Discrimination Act, and many major employers and trades unions introduce HIV friendly policies. HIV has not gone away, but the EPF project was a key part in combating the stigma and prejudice that all too often accompanies HIV.”

Andrew Little, former EPF project director

Ensuring Positive Futures (EPF) was an innovative employability programme for people living with HIV in the UK, and winner of the 2009Guardian Public Service Award.

The project has now come to an end, and we no longer offer any services. However this website will remain online as it contains loads of useful information about HIV in the workplace.

If you need support or information on issues relating to HIV please contact the THT Direct helpline on 0845 12 21 200

The EPF programme was run by a partnership of organisations including major HIV charities, businesses, government bodies and trades unions working together to support people living with HIV in the workplace.

HIV is a workplace issue that all employers should understand. Most people diagnosed with HIV are of working age, and can live long and prosperous lives with the right treatment and medication.

The Disability Discrimination Act now covers HIV from the point of diagnosis. It is important that employers understand how to treat people living with HIV fairly and in accordance with the DDA.

The EPF programme aimed to help employers understand the needs of workers affected by HIV, and to support people living with HIV in the workplace.

The programme also worked to support Trade Unions in the development of HIV friendly workplaces, Gold Bars and work in partnership with several major Trade Unions.

HIV policies are a useful tool in helping your workforce understand HIV and to ensure that discrimination does not occur because of ignorance or misunderstanding.

Careers advice, training and welfare support were some of the ways the EPF programme supported HIV positive people in finding and retaining jobs.